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Born into a musical family in Dublin, Ireland, Eamonn Flynn played Hammond organ and piano on the 14 million selling movie soundtrack of The Commitments. Now living in San Francisco, California he went on to record and tour with Michael Franti and Spearhead, Evelyn 'Champagne' King, Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Coco Montoya, Michelle Shocked, Finbar Furey, The Black Family and a 10 year stint with Meters drummer Zigaboo Modeliste. 

Eamonn has composed and produced original music for TV and film shows including Ugly Betty, Moonlight, Creative High, Brujo, Beached and The Commitments. In 2017 he released his first solo album of original music. Entitled The Irish Channel, it features Eamonn on vocals and piano and reflects a unique blend of Irish and American influences. In December 2019 he released the follow up Black Coddle.

His new album of original songs Anywhere But Home was released in February 2022 along with the premiere of a new live show called Dublinesque.



Anywhere But Home

"With the recent passing of the great Pete St. John, Dubliners need have no fear. The well is not dry; Flynn is the bard to continue the canon of songs for Dublin, because every generation needs its memories and melodies."
- Seán Laffey, Irish Music Magazine

Black Coddle 

"Black Coddle, a poignant song moving with true emotional register across history, folklore and poetry; a (literal) gritty quality to the title evoking triumph over poverty where, with true Dublin savvy, a shake of black soot across the coddle-dinner on the fire from a tenement chimney was still deemed good enough to eat. And sing about!"

- Deirdre Cronin, Irish Music Magazine

 “An unlikely fusion of R&B, gospel and Irish music that sounds so natural and obvious it makes you wonder where this music has been all this time. Flynn has sensitively and ingeniously reharmonized a host of trad Irish favorites, with hauntingly affecting results. I can't describe how strongly (or why) it feels like home to me. Even if it doesn't affect you the same way, it's delightful and worthy of your attention."

- Ken Hughes, Keyboard Magazine

"An admirable addition to the catalogue of exciting new works coming from Irish artists."

- Jackie Hayden, Hot Press

The King Of The Cats 

"Immensely skilled on the piano, Flynn has an ear for voicing, for bringing out the depths of beauty of the piano. On 'The King of The Cats', he approaches both traditional Irish songs as well as some gorgeous compositions of his own. The album has a sense of introspection and meditation. Rich in harmony, expansive in sound, full of emotional depth and breadth, The King of The Cats is a journey from start to finish, one that you will enjoy. With a relaxed yet moving groove, Flynn takes us home, and how sweet that homecoming is."

- HDMusic


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