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May 4th 2024, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast, Ireland (with Bronagh Gallagher)

May 5th 2024, Bert's Jazz Bar, Belfast, Ireland (solo)

May 25th 2024, Rathlin Sound Festival, Rathlin Island, Ireland (Eamonn Flynn and Michael Black)

May 31st 2024, MJC Athena, Saint-Saulve, France (with Curtis Salgado)

June 1st 2024, Bergues, France (with Curtis Salgado)

June 2nd 2024, Goezot! Festival, Oud, Turnhout , Belgium (with Curtis Salgado)

June 3rd 2024, Eberstadt , Germany (with Curtis Salgado)

June 5th 2024, Blue Note, Osnabrück, Germany (with Curtis Salgado)

June 7th 2024, Les Nuits Blues de Marnaz, France (with Curtis Salgado)

June 8th 2024, Blues Station, Tournon d’Agenais, France (with Curtis Salgado)

June 15th 2024, Jazz & Blues Festival, Léognan, France (with Curtis Salgado)

July 13th, 2024 Chateau de Mailly-le-Chateau, France (with Estelle Perrault Trio)

July 27th 2024, Porretta Soul, Porretta, Italy (with Alabama Mike)

July 28th 2024, Porretta Soul, Porretta, Italy (with Dublin Soul featuring Andrew Strong, Conor Brady and Eamonn Flynn)

August 14th 2024, Organized (Eamonn Flynn, Willy Jordan and Anthony Paule), Club Fox, Redwood City, CA

August 21st 2024, Organized (Eamonn Flynn, Willy Jordan and Anthony Paule), Empress Theater, Vallejo, CA

August 24th 2024, Glide Summer Gala, Terra, San Francisco, CA (with Glide Ensemble)

September 7th 2024, June Lake Jam Fest (with Wreckless Strangers), June Lake, CA

September 21st 2024, Cullen's Benicia (Eamonn Flynn and Darcy Noonan)

September 27th 2024, Norm's, Danville, CA (with The Real Imposters)

October 5th 2024, Siusun Valley Filling Station, Fairlield, CA (with The Real Imposters)

October 19th 2024, Lucca, Benicia, CA (with The Real Imposters)

October 25th 2024, Lucca, Benicia, CA (with Don Bassey and Friends)

November 1st 2024, Lucca, Benicia, CA (with MoMoney)

November 13th 2024, Glide Holiday Jam, Masonic, San Francisco (with Glide Ensemble and special guests)

December 1st 2024, Christmas Tribute to Charles Brown, Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA

(plus most Sundays at Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, CA (9am and 11am)

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